Kingdom of Dal Ratia

The Kingdom of Dal Ratia was a human realm that governed a large section of north western Ystred for nearly 1,200 years.

Before the foundation of the High Kingdom the land was occupied by several tribes which gradually developed into city states and later kingdoms. For many years boundaries and territories shifted until, over time, three kingdoms were formed before finally being united as the Kingdom of Dal Ratia.

During it’s peak, the Kingdom attracted traders and settlers from other human lands as well as many Elves, Dwarfs and other races and grew in prosperity. This stability led to great advances in science and technology and marked, what is considered by many lore-keepers, a high point in human civilisation.

Given the size of it’s territory, Dal Ratia was too large to be governed by one king (not to mention the reluctance of the monarchs of the earlier Kingdoms to ceed their titles. To this end the land was divided into seven provinces and ruled by seven kings. Every seven years the king’s would gather at Eden Brae to elect the High King for the next cycle. If the current Lord died at any point during his term the council would be convened at an earlier date.

Kingdom of Dal Ratia

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